Setting our Strategic Priorities


We listened, we heard, and we are responding. As an organization Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver is committed to advancing our ability to be more inclusive, diverse and flexible.


When we began our strategic visioning process, we sought agreement on critical issues for the future. One of our first steps was to engage key constituencies and consult a broad cross-section of community stakeholders. They shared their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities our growing community faces, and how we at Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver can incorporate their ideas in planning for 2020 and beyond. These organizations, volunteer leaders, communal professionals and community members are an important part of this work and this journey. Read more.

Our Mission

Inspired by our Jewish values we strengthen the quality of Jewish life locally, in Israel and around the world. Together, we create a vibrant, caring and inclusive community.


Our work is inspired by the Jewish values of:


Tikkun Olam — repairing the world;
Tzedakah — justice, charity;
Klal Israel — the unity of all the Jewish people;
Chesed — loving kindness.

Meeting the Challenges Ahead


Our Federation and our community are preparing to move from a position of strength to a position of excellence by the end of 2020. We are fortunate to have a vibrant, growing Jewish community, but it is not without its challenges.


Here is a snapshot of some of the many changes and challenges coming our way.


Affordability: The high cost of living in Vancouver means more people struggle to afford to live Jewishly.


Accessibility: Nearly half of our community lives in underserved areas, often beyond the reach of Jewish organizations.


Seniors: Our population of seniors is expected to double by 2030.


Engagement: Successfully connecting key groups like young adults and young families (many of whom are interfaith) will directly affect community continuity.


Security: To keep our community safe, we must continue to be proactive in our approach to addressing frequently changing security considerations.

Planning for our Future Starts Now


We are committed to providing both the planning resources and the financial resources that will underpin the growth to come, and to being flexible, responsive and innovative in our approach.


Jewish Federation has the privileged role of being the central address for building the community of our future. The work we do today and in the coming months and years will create alignment between the complex issues our growing population is facing and the resources required to propel our community forward. In fact, through our collaborative community planning process, we are already deeply immersed in planning for long-term community needs in the areas of youth, seniors, education and security.


This document summarizes our community’s current and long term needs, and what is required to address them. We have introduced the opportunities that exist with concrete numbers, so the financial resources that are required to address them are clear. These needs have been grouped into the following categories:



For a summary of the increased financial resources required to meet these needs, click here.

At a Glance