By funding educational and social services projects in Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver's partnership region, and supporting long-term economic drivers, we are helping residents of the Upper Galilee overcome the disadvantages that stem from the geographic isolation and socioeconomic challenges prevalent in Northern Israel.


Through the Partnership2Gether program, we are improving the quality of life for residents with support for capital projects, strategic investments, and the collaboration and real friendships developed through the Gesher Chai (Living Bridge) programs.


In addition to our work in the Upper Galilee, we support programs for vulnerable populations in other parts of Israel.

Building Social and Cultural Bridges in Israel


Current funding only scrapes the surface and does not address the growing and changing needs of disadvantaged youth and young adults in our partnership region. With challenges emerging constantly from the dichotomy in Israeli society, there is a dire need to build social and cultural bridges.


Current Support: $50,000


2020 Goal: Social and psychological support for youth and families dealing with issues including addiction and domestic abuse. After school programs for students with special learning needs. Support networks for entire neighbourhoods, from creating community gardens to emergency preparedness.


Additional Support Needed: $150,000 more per year

Israel Scholarships


Building Israel engagement among our youth is a key predictor of future communal leadership. There is a growing demand for financial assistance to enable teens and young adults to participate in short term education programs or enroll in post-secondary education in Israel.


Current Support: $48,000


2020 Goal: Scholarships for an additional 15 teens and young adults to participate in education programs in Israel.


Additional Support Needed: $45,000 more per year

Youth and Families at Risk in Israel


In Kiryat Shmona there are over over 15,000 vulnerable children who need our help. Their situations range from living in poverty, to parents who are under-employed, to being victims of neglect or abuse. Very few are enrolled in programs that can change their lives.


Current Support: $462,000


2020 Goal: Develop new initiatives to engage these children and their families, and connect them to existing support programs. Establish a network of appropriate programs that will help them transcend economic, social, and academic barriers to success.


Additional Support Needed: $400,000 more per year

Israeli Cultural Connections


Events that feature culturally diverse Israeli artists, performers and art exhibitions help connect unaffiliated Israelis and others Jews to our community. It also helps introduce Israel to the broader community. However, we are currently only able to support a very limited selection of cultural events.


Current Support: $3,000


2020 Goal: Create a positive dialogue through cultural events such as theater and music, and events featuring Israeli authors and artists.


Additional Support Needed: $10,000 more per year