Strategic investment is crucial to ensuring we continue to have a strong and vibrant community for generations to come. Complex initiatives, like community security, Jewish education, engaging young families, and developing the next generation of community leaders, rely on the type of stable funding that only the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver's Annual Campaign can provide.

Community Security


With the changing global environment and the re-emergence of anti-Semitism in Europe, threats to North American Jewish communities have grown. To address the needs of our vulnerable institutions, provide ongoing training, and emergency preparedness a new security grant program needs to be created.


Current Support: $100,000


2020 Goal: Ensure adequate security measures at our most frequently used and most vulnerable institutions.


Additional Support Needed: $300,000 more per year

Jewish Education


At our Jewish day schools families are being turned away because they cannot access tuition assistance, or because of insufficient support for children with special learning needs.


We support six schools that provide our community with an array of educational choices. The cost of providing Jewish education, maintaining a strong sense of Jewish identity and delivering a level of excellence that our families have come to expect is growing. The recently completed Jewish Education Task Force was established to provide Jewish Federation with an action plan to ensure high quality, innovative education opportunities affordable and accessible to all, and have adequate funds to maintain high levels of academic and Judaic learning.


Current Support: $860,000


2020 Goal: An additional $250,000 a year would enable the schools to provide up to 50 additional subsidies, support 50 students with diverse learning needs, and have adequate resources to introduce innovative teaching methods.


Additional Support Needed: $250,000 more per year



Existing core grants have not kept up with rising costs and changing technology. The infrastructure fund will enable partner agencies located in stand-alone buildings to address operational costs ranging from new computer networks to heating systems.


Current Support: $300,000


2020 Goal: An additional $150,000 per year would enable us to be able to address the growing needs of these partner agencies.


Additional Support Needed: $150,000 more per year