Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver's planning processes and development initiatives must be diverse and flexible enough to meet the evolving needs of our community.


Our community is growing, with almost 50% of our population made up of children, youth, and young families. It’s also spreading out, with nearly half of community members living outside of Vancouver, many of whom are beyond the reach of Jewish community institutions.


Through the work of our Planning Council and our collaborative approach with all our partners, we are planning strategically and setting priorities to address the evolving needs of our community.

Emerging/Underserved Communities


Nearly 50% of our community now lives beyond the border of the City of Vancouver. Over 850 children do not have access to Jewish programs and education. Most existing community institutions do not have the capacity or resources to expand their scope and engage new members in Jewish community life.


Current Support: $75,000


2020 Goal: Full time community developer to support existing organizations and develop new and expanded programs and services to address community needs. New grant program to spark innovation and support grassroots and informal initiatives.


Additional Support Needed: $150,000 more per year

Complementary Jewish Education Programs


The current funding for the eight K – 7 programs and four high school programs does not allow for growth and innovation or expansion to underserved communities that have limited access to other forms of Jewish education.


Current Support: $100,000


2020 Goal: 100 children and youth would benefit from the implementation of new initiatives and innovative approaches to the delivery of Jewish education and identity programs.


Additional Support Needed: $75,000 more per year

Engaging Young Families


Currently, 750 children ages six months to eight years old participate in PJ Library, an important outreach program that sends free Jewish children’s books and CDs to their homes. There are currently 60 children on the waiting list.


Current Support: $60,000


2020 Goal: An additional 100 families would participate for three years.


Additional Support Needed: $36,000 more per year

Early Childhood Education


Access to high quality, affordable childcare is a significant challenge for working families. There are very limited options for families who want their children to learn and grow up in a Jewish environment. This is a new priority developed in response to the needs of community members.


Current Support: Emerging Need


2020 Goal: Increase the number of available and affordable spaces to get families off the waiting list.


Additional Support Needed: $36,000 per year

Food Security


Approximately 45% of community members residing in the regional communities live in poverty and have limited access to Jewish food security programs.


Current Support: $60,000


2020 Goal: Alternate approaches such as community kitchens, food bank partnerships, and food distribution through existing community facilities.


Additional Support Needed: $40,000 more per year